SafetySecure™ Features

SafetySecure™ Specifications

Basis Weight (17x22x500)CaliperSmoothnessTearMullenMoisture
24 lb.4.68060/70385.3

Why SafetySecure™ Security Paper

SafetySecure™ the traditional white security paper provides a versatile blend of security features for today’s dynamic secure document industry. This product has been engineered for excellent security, printability and durability in a variety of printing applications and is the ideal tamper proof paper.

SafetySecure™ provides protection against a range of document altering chemicals including bleaches, polar solvents and non-polar solvents. These features produce a visible stain or starburst reaction on the paper when document altering chemicals are applied.

This product is UV dull, containing no added or residual optical brighteners. This feature provides a non-reflective base sheet for optimum contrast for use with fluorescent inks.

SafetySecure products contain invisible fluorescent fibers that become visible when viewed under an ultraviolet light source (black light). This feature provides covert protection from counterfeiting because the fibers do not copy or scan and will not be visible in a counterfeit document.

TonerSecure is yet another standard feature included in SafetySecure™. With standard office papers, poor toner adhesion allows original information to be removed with tape, scraping or repeated folding. TonerSecure provides a strong deterrent for this type of alteration. Engineered to enhance the bond between the paper and toner, making this type of alteration much more difficult. This covert security feature does not impact the visible appearance of the paper.

SafetySecure™ provides excellent performance in a variety of printing applications including MICR/OCR, digital, laser, web and sheet fed offset, intaglio, foil stamping and engraving. This product is extremely durable and engineered to withstand the rigors of high speed check sorting with excellent on-press performance. The perfect security paper for business forms.

SafetySecure™ (White) – Rolls




SafetySecure™ (White) – Sheets



248.5 x 1172523123,000
2411 x 1772626
2412 x 1872516282,000
2417 x 2272510483,000
2417 x 2872511612,000
2419 x 2472512592,000
2434 x 2272514961,500
2434 x 28725151221,000