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Basis Weight (17x22x500)CaliperSmoothnessOpacityBrightness
24 lb.4.41409278

Why True Watermark Security Paper

True Watermark security paper is engineered and manufactured with six essential security features during the paper mill process. The combination of these security features makes it basically impossible for True Watermark to be duplicated, therefore certifying the original document.

The genuine Fourdrinier watermark cannot be reproduced by fraudulent activity, as the watermark resides only in the original document. Blue security fibers are clearly visible on the surface of the paper while green fluorescent fibers are embedded into the sheet and are only visible when using a UV black light.

True Watermark security paper provides protection against a variety of document altering chemicals. If an attempt is made to alter the original document with oxidants, polar, non-polar solvents, acids or alkali chemicals, a permanent chemical stain reaction will appear on the surface of the document.

Manufactured as UV dead security paper, this product will provide a non-reflective base sheet for optimum contrast when using fluorescent inks during the printing process. Another security feature included is toner adhesion which protects the original document against forgers attempting to lift ink with tape, scraping with a knife blade or repeated folding.

True Watermark is available in white in popular roll and sheet sizes as well as custom sizes. This product can also be made with a custom color or pattern.

True Watermark – Rolls




True Watermark – Sheets



White248.5 x 1181703123,000
2411 x 1781713241,500
2412 x 1881716282,000
2417 x 2281718483,000

Custom roll and sheet sizes available upon request.
Minimum order quantities may apply for custom orders.